FlashPan Fuel Tablets
Each tablet burns for 12-15 minutes. Use 2 tablets for hi-heat, and 1 tablet for low heat or simmer.
Hardshell Case
The hardshell case is great protection for your Flashpan in those rugged places you store it like behind the seat or in the trunk of your vehicle.


Carry Bag

Use the soft shell FlashPan picnic carry bag to enhance the Flashpan’s ability as a complete all in one cooking system.
Use the grill to cook the meat of your choice. The grill will allow for low-fat cooking.
Divided Pan
The divided pan can be used for keeping 2 food types separated during cooking. It works good for a soup and a sandwich.
Coffee Pot
Simply light up 2 fuel tablets and add your coffee and water to quickly make 2 fresh cups of coffee, or 3 cups of tea.
FlashPan - Lid
Need an extra lid, you can get it here. The lid can also be used as a shallow pan.
FlashPan - Pan
Need an extra pan, use this to cook another meal while you are serving from your first pan.
Doug’s One Spice
Doug’s One Spice blend is an excellent all round spice, good on almost anything. It started as a spice for beef roasts, and steaks, but we have found it is excellent with almost any cut of meat, or cooked with vegetables, eggs and potatoes.

Doug's One Spice Variety Pack - 3 jars
Doug’s One Spice, Doug's Cajun One Spice and Doug's Italian One Spice. One jar of each spice is included in the "Doug's One Spice Variety Pack".

Aspenware WÜN Cutlery
Bag of Knives (12)
Biodegradable Wooden Cutlery

The knife is incredibly strong! Cutting through steak is not a problem with this magnificently crafted wooden utensil.


Aspenware WÜN Cutlery
Bag of Forks (12)
Biodegradable Wooden Cutlery

The fork fits your hand perfectly! The fork will not break even when eating raw veggies like carrots, cauliflower and broccoli.


Aspenware WÜN Cutlery
Bag of Spoons (12)
Biodegradable Wooden Cutlery

Versatility has been built in to the shape of the spoon! Whether it's used for adding sugar to coffee or eating ice cream, the spoon looks great, works great, and feels great.


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