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When you made the decision to look at this website, you opened the door to an opportunity that can provide you an additional source of income without having to make any large investments. With little to no risk, you have the opportunity (without taking time away from your job) to earn an income from the comfort of your own home or during your casual time.

In addition to the benefits that Flashpan offers to our current retail clients, our Representatives and our Distributors, Flashpan gives you the opportunity to introduce to your friends , family members and the general public useful tools or items that can be added to their personal “Emergency Survival Kit”.


Flashpan makes every effort to allow you to take part in this opportunity and be successful as quickly as possible. In doing so, we provide you with the highest quality products and accessories by using the “best time tested components and materials”. We use and require strict “quality control measures” during our manufacturing process. We provide you with full product information, privacy and disclosure, professional sales tools and aids, knowledgeable field and sales advice.....and more.

The most important marketing feature about Flashpan is that it has been successfully marketed in Canada with retailers over the last few years.......and is currently being placed and marketed in the USA, South American and European markets. We feel that this sense of credibility will add to your confidence “going forward” with us.

As an added benefit, Flashpan provides to all its business partners the “Flashpan Website / Store”. On this website, Flashpan goes into great detail describing our complete sales and marketing program along with our compensation plan. We provide you with product descriptions (visual and text based) and “Flashpan Powerpoint Presentations” ....to educate and inform both you and the potential clients.......it is “your own back office” for sales , service, tracking and compensation.

The website is the place where you direct your prospects to go where they can see for themselves a demonstration of the Flashpan unit and its accessories “in action”. This site will do the selling and promotion for you. It explains the marketing plan, how to submit online customer orders, how to sign up as a Flashpan Representative or Flashpan Distributor by processing online initial order forms and much more.

At Flashpan, we will do everything possible to assist and aid you in being successful ........but in the final analysis, only YOU can make it happen.......

Congratulations and good luck on your future with Flashpan

Gene Mason - Managing Director – Flashpan

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